The case is cracked but the movies have never been watched. Includes Blu-ray, DVD, digital copy and 3D Blu-ray.
Pick up on base or meet at Visitors Center if buying both or another item I have listed.
Disc changer, double cassette player,AM/FM radio and much more. Excellent condition and excellent sound!!!! Purchased in 1995.
These are all in excellent used condition from a clean, smoke free home. Asking $15 for all three DVD sets. Email if interested, thank you.
These are all in excellent used condition and from a clean, smoke free home. Each boxed set has multiple movies. Asking $20 for all 5 boxed sets. Email if interested. Thank you.
Unique Pyramid Stereo CD & Cassette System by Radio Shack - No longer made - Apex of pyramid lights up when on - Model # 13-1317 - Rotates to play cassette tapes - Box is somewhat beaten up but stereo inside is still in wrapping
Classic Pink Floyd Shine On 9 Cd Set. Includes 8 CD's in box set + 1 bonus CD, book w/ color pics of group's amazing history and music and numerous postcards. Set is in great condition. Pink lovers gotta have this one.
AMPEX 7 inch Reel to Reel audio tapes in great condition that have been recorded. Previously a re-recording of the songs. There are full reel. $5.00 each 43 used items available. AMPEX 1800 - 01 AMPEX 641 - 12 AMPEX 631 - 01 AMPEX 341 - 02 AMPEX 311 - 23 AMPEX - 01 AMPEX Magnetic Tape - 01 AMPEX Studio Quality Recording Tape - 01 AMPEX Professional Recording Tape - 01 If you have any questions ...