16-Jan-2019Davis, CA+21 milesItems Wanted
I need to get lunch boxes for my children. They need the ones that can be placed inside backpacks. Please let me know if you have these available. Thanks in advance.
Looking for 0-3 month baby girl clothes. Diaers and other size clothes are needed as well!
15-Jan-2019Davis, CA+21 milesItems Wanted
I am currently looking for any and all sports cards. They are for my son he has been asking me to help him start a collection but i cant afford to do so at the moment so i thought id reach out and ask for some help thank you
14-Jan-2019Fairfield, CA+8 milesItems Wanted
I am looking for an electric griddle to make pancakes, French toast, etc. I prefer one in fair to new condition.
14-Jan-2019Fairfield, CA+8 milesItems Wanted
Do you have a reasonably contemporary Android cell phone that maybe you have replaced for whatever reason or has been in a drawer unused that is in good shape? Something that is not more than a few years old? Needs to be either on the Metro PCS system or "unlocked" so it can be easily adaptable. Give me a holler here, ok? Many Thanks, from Charles
14-Jan-2019Vallejo, CA+25 milesItems Wanted
My recently purchased bike was stolen in SF and I need a bike to get myself to work since I don't have a car. Anyone who can part with a bike they don't use?
12-Jan-2019Davis, CA+21 milesItems Wanted
Looking for fabric that has thickness of a bed sheet with a very tight weave, something as simple as from IKEA would work. For a craft project, thank you!
12-Jan-2019Davis, CA+21 milesItems Wanted
just in case someone happens to have a box or two that I can use to mail artwork. Sturdy, and with reinforced corners, if possible. I only need something about 24x20x 6 or 8. I just have one framed piece I need to mail. Thank you.
Wanting approximately 6 month old hen chickens, specifically Rhode Island Red or Leghorn.
10-Jan-2019Davis, CA+21 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a 2019 wall calendar, if anyone has one they're not going to be using! Nature, art, animals...I can pick up.
10-Jan-2019Davis, CA+21 milesItems Wanted
Looking for citrus trees. Either orange or lemon. Thanks
10-Jan-2019Davis, CA+21 milesItems Wanted
I'm looking for white subway tiles if you have any to spare from a previous project. Thank you!
9-Jan-2019American Canyon, CA+22 milesItems Wanted
Wanted - Small Musical Instruments in any condition. Learning to restore Instruments. Thanks in advance
9-Jan-2019Vallejo, CA+25 milesItems Wanted
I'm interested in collecting any Sunday newspapers for couponing purposes. Thank You!!
9-Jan-2019Fairfield, CA+8 milesItems Wanted
I'm one who believes that for whatever time a bird needs to be housed, the cage can't be too big. I'm looking for a cage larger than 18" X 18" x18# I now have, with parakeet bar spacing. Any help? Thanks, Charles
9-Jan-2019Davis, CA+21 milesItems Wanted
If anybody want to donate/give up any (working) printer, Please let me know. Have a great day!
6-Jan-2019Davis, CA+21 milesItems Wanted
Newbie knitter looking for circular needles so I can try to make a beanie. If you have some you're done with, I'd love to take them off your hands!